Jumping Rope
om Ons heen
Frame om Ons heen
Tufting Together
Touch, fold, touch, touch
Lola Schot
An art installation in a art space called T’ Vierkantje. This time in the window display of IDFX, Breda, December 2022

Existing objects and textiles pressed against the window with text. And a plastic / wooden object on the wall to lean against.

Coherent with the art installation in the window display I’ve performed with shanna inside of IDFX at the opening of Leaving the Horde Behind, where we showed our bodies and

Where I placed my objects on shanna, shared them with the audience, dropped down on the ground and hoped they would copy my actions. (put the objects on me) … (they did)... hooray!
Our body and that

which pushes us

damnit I can almost reach
I’ll reach till I can almost touch
suck on the glass window but it won’t give

Get to know me like your hands
Our body and that
Touch, fold, touch, touch, again